Xiaomi M365 Battery Upgrade

Detailed information and user reviews about Xiaomi M365 Battery Upgrade. Learn how experienced people do Battery Upgrade. If you own the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter, be sure to read this content.

Xiaomi M365 Battery Upgrade

Many owners of the M365 PRO want to increase the range and speed of their scooter. The first option is to replace the battery with a more capacious one, or the second option is to keep the standard battery and install an external battery. In the next two videos, I will show you how to install an external battery to the scooter, which can be easily connected or disconnected at any time. For example, we can use a 12s external battery.

Is Xiaomi M365 scooter worth buying?

I am on my way to charging my M365 Pro, but I am a little nervous about it. My question is if the main battery has a max capacity of 42v or 36v. It’s like it I would like to drop both batteries to 36v before connecting, but should I also update the firmware with the selection of battery voltage limit set to 36v instead of 42v?

I have had my xiaomi m365 for a year now and I have done 750 km on it. I have had no issues with it other than changing the tires after a puncture. There is no mod to increase max speed to 27 km. I am getting 18 km on a single charge. I was wondering if there were battery packs that could be used to replace the original battery that had a higher capacity.

You can build a bigger battery and add a spacer to the bottom of the deck, some people use an increased voltage for extra speed, or more commonly you can buy a battery and put it in a pack that connects to the internal one for extra range. In my country, you can find a lot of people offering to build you one of the extended batteries that fit in the deck on second hand apps if you don’t have the tools to make it, or the bag option, which is very easy to make but more unwieldy.

External battery for Xiaomi M365/PRO/1S

Xiaomi External Battery Range Boost Kit

I wanted to install an additional battery on my M365, but I couldn’t find any information in English. I found a video with a good description of the process. The only thing I disliked was the soldering directly to the original battery. I found a link in the comments that was written in German, but it was written on an image. I used the same setup as was shown on the image and decided to share it with all you English-speaking people.

Xiaomi External Battery Range Boost Kit

Make sure there is no cold soldering. I set my soldering iron to 400C for the whole process, I think it’s a good temperature to solder wires this thick. I used a wide soldering tip. 2 I placed two small heat shrink tubes on each of the wires after I cut a piece of insulation in the middle of each wire. I used two of four heat shrink tubes to seal the connections after I soldered a female XT30 on the other side. I made a female XT60 with short wires. I soldered the XT60 cable to the points on the XT30 cable that I cut before.

The wires are going to carry high currents. Badly soldered joints can cause fire. 6 Shrink the tubes we attached before they are finished. The scooter should be able to turn on after you attach the battery and controller. I ran the scooter to make sure it didn’t heat up. Nothing was heating up during my test. I would re-solder the joint that causes it. 8 It is possible to make an extension cable with a male XT60 on one end and pass it through the scooter frame. I forgot to take a photo before I inserted the cable. Use long pieces of heat shrink tubing to keep the car fuse holder from slipping, as this part will be moved and rubbed against much more than the internal parts.

I used a 25A fuse, which was shown in the other guides. 10 You can use a multimeter to make sure you have no voltage on the outer end of the cable. If you forgot to install the fuse, check the joints. Check for damage to the cable while you were doing it. 11 In my case, it is a phone bag that I bought a while ago, and it just happens that both guides recommend to use one like this. I didn’t want to drill into the scooter frame so I used the original three straps. The battery is tight in it. I made a 3D model for mounting the battery bag in a better way. I mounted the bag using this model and a piece of board on the inside of the bag. It is a better option than drilling into the scooter frame to mount the bag.

If you put two pieces of rubber under the mounts, it will hold up. There were 12. There is an external battery. The batteries should be charged and discharged to the same level. If you don’t have a multimeter, you can charge the stock battery and external battery separately. If you connect two batteries with different voltages, one will start charging the other very fast and nothing good will happen. 14.

You can hide the wires by connecting the external battery to the extension cable. If you want to discharge the batteries, run the scooter for a while. Check everything again. 15. Go for a test ride when the deck is closed. If nothing warms up on high loads, check it. 16. Use this site to create a custom firmware. To get more power in normal mode, and to get a stock-like mode in the Eco mode, I configured mine like this.

The first one gives the ability to climb steep hills. The ability to drive like a stock should be given by the Eco mode. If you like stock, you can enable only “Remove charging mode”, to avoid charging mode turning on while you drive, in case the external battery starts charging the stock one. I hope the guide was clear. I am going to update it with some range tests on stock and custom firmwares.

Xiaomi M365 Battery Specs

A more realistic travel distance is 20-25 km on a single charge, which is based on my personal experience using two Xiaomi M365s for over two years. I have two M365s, one for 2 years and the other for a year.

Voltage output:36V (max 42V)
Battery capacity:7800 mAh
Weight:1,500 g
Size (dimensions):4 x 7 x 32 cm
Time to a complete charge:5 hours

There are 30 individual cells connected in parallel and in series. These battery cells are not the same as standard AA batteries. The cells are taller and thicker. The cell is 19 x 66mm and weighs 47 grams.

Xiaomi M365 Pro External Battery

You purchase a Rita accessory and a compatible battery. The best solution for external batteries is this one. The internal and external voltages don’t need to match with Rita. You can use a 12s battery to gain speed. You will need a charger to match the battery. g 50 is the number of 12s. 13s are equal to 56. 4v power source.

Hifree G1 Scooter

The Rita can be used to charge both batteries via the stock charging point, but you have to have the same size RCA output on the charger to fit it. When the stock battery is fully charged, it will continue to charge the higher voltage battery until it is fully charged. I prefer the option of using a stock charger to charge the stock battery and a higher voltage one to charge the external battery.

I’ve decided that I want to increase the range of my xiaomi scooter so I took a deep dive into this topic but stopped when I realized there’s no actual boost kit available in my country and I can’t even order one from other countries. I can’t assemble a battery myself. I can do that with the help of my electrician friend. I don’t know if I need a device or an accessory, or if I just need to connect it to the internal battery.

The battery can be connected to the controller via a switch. If you need the external battery for long journeys, only carry it. You will have to carry both of the batteries all the time if you connect the external battery in parallel. An external battery is used on a switch. There is a carrying case on the stem of the scooter. I can keep things in the empty case when I don’t use the external battery.

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