Is Xiaomi M365 scooter worth buying?

Because none of the Birds we ever discovered had enough of a charge to ride, I recently purchased one for occasional city exploration. I must say that I’m really impressed with the design and quality. The scooter has been excellent, with the exception of a broken kickstand base (perhaps preferable to have a formed and not cast component for that base) as a result of a test riding session with a group of friends. Additionally, it appears to be a really great platform for customization and modification (solid tires, Arduino-based digital dashboard, custom paint, speed limiter overrides are all detailed in some cool YouTube videos).

Xiaomi M365 Battery Upgrade

I bought a Xiaomi MI electric scooter for the following reasons: residing in a low-income area in a small town. Because of the lack of a metro system and the size of the cities, daily traffic jams occur. Buses take a long time to arrive, and there are fewer shifts available at night.

I thus require anything to assist me in resolving my travel-related issues. I recently came upon a brand-new, unopened Mi’s electric skateboard for sale on the local internet. Given that I don’t have an elevator at my residence and can simply transport my electric skateboard on the floor. I choose to purchase this one.

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