Hifree G1 Scooter

The hifree g1 scooter is there to be your incredibly comfortable and powerful companion in both flat and off-road conditions

has a range of about 75 km and a high speed of 40 km

battery charging time is completed in approximately 6-7 hours

10 inch inflatable wide tires and front and rear shock absorbers provide a comfortable and comfortable ride.

With the disc brakes in the front and rear, the stopping distance is minimized and safety is maximized.

3-stage driving mode

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  • battery: 15000mah / 48v
  • 500 watt motor (1000w maximum motor day)
  • maximum speed 40km/h
  • driving range of approx. 75 km on a full charge (may vary depending on driver weight, road condition, speed mode)
  • lcd display showing speed / driving mode
  • front and rear disc brake
  • 10 inch inflatable thick tires
  • bright front headlight and rear stop leds. Bottom led lighting
  • fast folding design and 26.5kg weight
  • fast folding equipment with rotation system

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