Michigan Basketball Coach Juwan Howard

The Michigan basketball coach threw a punch at the end of the game. Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard strikes Wisconsin assistant at end of the match.

Juwan Howard Said Coach Touched Him Unnecessarily

It was the perfect time for Howard to apologize, plead for forgiveness and promise to do better in the future. The quicker he does that the better. He’s not working off a script so a post-game press conference would be ideal.

I would be okay with him staying if he had done that. I am not going to believe any promise of change from him. The administration could have done this to make it look like they were trying to smooth things over or double down. He’s making your job easier.

It was always going to be 100% on Juwan’s shoulders if he got punched first or the Wisconsin coaches used a slur. This moment and pressure afterward are teaching his college players. He’s going to be suspended. Either from the NCAA or his school. It wasn’t aggression, per the video. Juwan made it aggressive because he was angry.

The whole thing was increased by him. Even with the bad losses, he wouldn’t have done this. He is at UofM. It was a good rivalry when he was there. I still wanted UofM to lose, but I respected the team more because they played by the rules.

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Howard and Gard shook hands, and Howard could be seen saying something to Gard. Gard grabbed Howard with his left hand to stop the Michigan coach from shaking hands with someone else. A Wisconsin assistant began shouting at Howard after the two were separated. Both sets of players and staff got into a shoving match after Howard threw a punch at a member of the coaching team.

Michigan head coach Juwan Howard throws punch at end of basketball game

Michigan head coach Juwan Howard throws punch at end of basketball game.

Gard said that he called a timeout to reset the 10-second call because they only had four seconds to get the ball over halfcourt. I didn’t want to put my backups in that situation, I had all my bench guys in the game. I took a timeout and helped them organize and get the ball in. I’ll leave it at that because he didn’t like it when he came through the handshake line. “I didn’t like the timeout they called, I thought it was not necessary at that moment, especially with it being a large lead,”

Howard said in the postgame press conference. I didn’t think that was fair to our guys. I spoke to the head coach about it because of that timeout. I don’t think it was right for him to touch me as we were talking and communicating. That’s what happened, that’s what led to it.

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