Dave Chappelle Attacked on Hollywood Bowl Performance

Dave Chappelle was attacked during a stand-up set on Tuesday night. While performing at the Hollywood Bowl, the comedian was rushed on-stage by a random attendee, who ABC7 Los Angeles reported was armed with a gun and a knife. After being rushed, Chappelle and the man fought on the stage floor before the man ran behind a screen on stage, only to be surrounded by security guards and Jamie Foxx.

Dave Chappelle Attacked on Hollywood Bowl Performance

Chappelle demanded that the man be removed from the stage when he ran towards the altercation. The man was arrested after the incident was reported at 10:45 PM. Chris Rock asked “Was that Will Smith?” moments later, after performing earlier in the evening. In reference to The Closer, Chappelle joked that the attack came from a trans man. The comedian is heard thanking the actor for coming to his aid. Chappelle said that Jamie Foxx would show up in a sheriff’s hat whenever he was in trouble. I thought that was part of the show. Chappelle grabbed the back of Nigga’s head. His hair was wet. Chappelle joked about the incident. I have been doing this for 35 years. I stomped a nigga. He said that he had always wanted to do that. Chappelle received flowers from Foxx. This man is an absolute genius. We need to make sure we protect him at all times. This means everything to every comedian who comes here. You are a genius. We are not going to let anything happen to you. Some attendees shared their accounts of Chappelle being attacked on social media.

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