Space Themed Neopronouns

There is a big long list incoming. I tried to do some regular space themes, with some that others might not have thought of, but I also didn’t look for anyone else’s pronoun sets, just search for some general space things once Craig ran out of space knowledge. Hope this is okay!

space themed neopronouns

I was wondering if you knew any names that starwars kinnies could use. I don’t know if I should thank my boyfriend or curse him for getting me into Star Wars, I haven’t found any yet. I want to use faye/fayeir/fayem/fayeirself and/or fay/fayr/faym/fayrself pronouns, but I’m not sure if they’re right for me. Do you have any soft or webcore? I gathered them from old posts. Feel free to tell me that I should try and make some new ones.

I will not bite your head off. There is a long post under cut. Do you think you could come up with some 80s ones like the 90s ones? I tried something different with these. With the last ones, I didn’t understand how to describe the 90’s aesthetic, so this time, I researched it a bit more than just looking up images. I want to take a crack at the 90s again after getting some different results. I hope these are alright, in the meantime. I am just now getting around to answering, but I am not sure how long ago you sent this.

Neopronouns List

space themed neopronouns list

I don’t want to cause Errors or Bin out, but I hope you like the robot ones! I am very sorry it took so long but I am trying to test out some pronouns since I feel like my current ones don’t fit me. I was trying to do some daydreaming pronouns for you because I was anxious and needed to work off some steam. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send in another ask. There are themes of thunder snowstorms and how the gender feels. Thank you! I hope you like it! There is a nine-square mood board with a light blue flag in the middle and lots of pictures of snow and lightning. This is the end description. No new requests, please! I am just clearing out the backups. Lun has to drive lunar self to school and if I need a phone my friend will let me borrow it. I use lu/lun/luns/lunas.

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