How Many People do You Need to Start a Religion?

You have to have at least 3 people to be considered a religion. A person is thought, a discussion, and a belief. Only leader and follower are needed. It is necessary to register to avoid taxation of donations as income. A holy book is a book of the religion’s beliefs.

You don’t believe in Christianity. What do you think? Write it down. You have created a religion if people agree with your writings. To determine if there are any requirements for registration of such organizations in the locality/municipality in which it is going to be operating, you need to define what you mean by religion and then determine if there are any rules or regulations from higher levels of government.

How Many People do You Need to Start a Religion?

All you need to start a religion in the world is one person. There are no legal issues involved in starting a religion around the world. Obtaining legal privileges for your religion can be difficult if you don’t know how, and it’s even more difficult if you don’t know how to convince people to follow your religion. To enjoy tax privileges, you must sign over your possessions to the church. If you mean legally, religions are non-profit organizations and you have to have a board. You need to file for non-profit status, have a mission statement, and be approved. There are people who think churches can be cash cows and pay no taxes.

How to Start a Religion Legally?

Death and taxes, even if you don’t believe in god, you need to believe in the IRS. The activities that don’t benefit your mission are taxed. It has to benefit the entire population in theory, in this case a member. It has to be free and you can’t keep out black people in a church. There needs to be access to the general public. Doing so would make it a kind of club, not a church. That is the legal side. If you want the plethora of tax and regulatory benefits, you must register a religion. The question seems to me to be the real one.

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How to Start a Religion Legally?

2 people is just you and me talking. I would say that the religion exists independently of any one individual, even though this doesn’t have to mean any particular organization, but dogmas, principles. I am pretty sure that the legal stuff above has to prove that, but it can’t just be “Marc says” or “Joe say” It has to be something that lasts. I don’t think the whole rest. religions don’t require a god or gods or anything in particular, no higher being or even higher concept, but there is some purpose to the church, even if it’s just “for all of our betterment”. That, under both definitions, with a definition of what that means and what one does. It isn’t always theologically correct, but often it is. It is possible to have entirely man-made components that are recognized as such, but only if there is a general philosophy that is agreed upon that is a kind of ideal.

Many things are religions. There are barriers to entry in the Methodist Church and the Lion’s Club. If I showed up and wanted to join, I could because these are nice people who do nice things. They don’t have to. I think that is the difference. If a catholic church only allows Catholics to attend general gatherings, they are no longer considered a church. It is not possible to force anyone to become a member of the church as it would be highly illegal and have non-profit consequences. Have you ever felt bad about your religion? Have you become fed up with the lack of tolerance in many religions? You can start your own religion if you want to create change. It may take a lot of work to get your religion recognized. It will be rewarding to see your work lead to a thriving membership if you are moved to do it.

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