Colosseum Carrier Detailed

I’ve compiled everything we know about Clash of Clans Colosseum Carrier for you. Clash of Clans latest leaks.

We don’t know when the next major Clash of Clans update will be released or when Supercell will start releasing sneak peeks, but if the recent leaks are any indicator, we’re getting close. A leak earlier this week appeared to reveal Clan Capitals. And now it appears that a new unit has been discovered: the Colosseum Carrier.

Colosseum Carrier in game

Below I have listed all the pictures obtained about the Colosseum Carrier. Everyone has an opinion, but what does the Colosseum Carrier’s Lost and Crowned Video have to say about it? Here’s what we could come up with. First and foremost, the Colosseum Carrier is a flying unit capable of dropping bombs on enemy troops and structures.

Colosseum Carrier all images

The Colosseum Carrier is thought to aid carry resources from your capital to your main village and vice versa, based on the uncovered artifact. If this is the case, it’s most likely only a visual depiction and not a fighting force. The fact that the Colosseum Carrier is already appearing in the game suggests that we’re getting closer to seeing a preview of the forthcoming release. Supercell hasn’t said when the Spring Upgrade would be released, but the last we heard, this “new” update will take “a bit more time.”

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