Osmo Reflector DIY

How to DIY the Osmo Reflector. Detailed article about iPad Osmo Reflector and Osmo Reflector Adapter. Osmo Reflector do it yourself for your kids and your home.

osmo reflector for ipad

Osmo Reflector DIY

The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Air 4, and iPad Mini 6 are compatible with the new Osmo Reflector. The thinner bezels on these devices will be accommodated by the new reflector. With cameras that are closer to the edge of the iPad, Thin Bezel Mode makes the reflector sit a little higher.

If you are using an iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Air 4, or iPad Mini 6, use this mode. Thick Bezel Mode can be found on an iPad that has more space between the camera and the edge. This mode can be used for any other iPad. Find a tool. Change modes can be aided by a variety of items.

A nail will work for most people. You can use a credit card. Put the tool in the slot of the dial and push it in until you feel it stop. Wait until you feel the dial stop before pressing in. The tool can be locked into place by releasing it from the dial.

osmo reflector adapter

How to DIY the Osmo Reflector

The thing was more trouble than it was worth. Couldn’t find one that folds down easily. I got a 42″ one for $20 and it’s not like it broke the bank. The accordion-fold sun shade has gold spray-paint on it to warm it up. There is a piece of aluminum foil. One-hand held, folds up nice and small. The board is white. Cheap!

The organizers picked up some silver/gold metallic tablecloths from a party supply store. They are a strong foil. One side was silver and the other side was gold. They gave me some extras. My daughter received the Osmo kit for Christmas.

She has a very thick kids case with a handle, but we have to take it off every time she uses Osmo. It is very difficult to remove and put it back on, and I am afraid we will crack the screen to do it. There are no good reviews of the Osmo case. She has an iPad.

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