DIY Chucky Costume 2022

One of the most famous horror film characters is Chucky, a murderer, and a doll that terrorizes everyone who crosses his path. That is a great argument for Halloween. If you want to make your own Chucky costume, you have to find a long sleeve striped shirt similar to the one used by the doll in the several films he starred in, which is in the colors of the rainbow.

Homemade Chucky Costume

DIY Chucky Costume

The next step in getting Chucky’s demonic style is to find some denim dungarees. You already have the Chucky attire with these two elements. Chucky has red hair. If you want to look like a doll in your costume, you can wear a short red wig. If you don’t care for your hair, you can use hair spray to make it last longer. If you have short hair, you can use red spray dye that will go away when you wash it.

Homemade Chucky Costume

Makeup is an important part of this look. Chucky’s face fills with scars that can’t be missed in his costume as he kills more and more. It will look dark and won’t show properly, but you can do it with a permanent marker. You can purchase red letter stickers in many crafts and scrapbooking stores to create your own letters.

DIY Chucky Costume for Toddler

Red trainers are the best option for footwear. Ideally, try to find red Adidas trainers with white stripes, but red Converse-type trainers can also do the trick, you only need to take a plastic knife or axe, which are sold in costume shops and go out to celebrate Halloween with this If you have a pair of overalls in your closet, matching Chucky’s style is easy if you don’t want to go the pre-made route.

DIY Chucky Costume for Adults

All you need is a pair of jean overalls, a rainbow-striped shirt, and red hair, which you can put together by buying a wig, dying your hair, or just messing it up a bit. You’re good to go scaring your friends and neighbors if you add a few freckles to your cheeks and practice your Chucky smile.

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