Front AC not Working But Back Is

Turn the ignition switch on, set the blower speed to high, and look under the passenger side of the dash for the blower motor, with the handle of a screwdriver. The blower motor needs to be replaced if it starts working.

Front AC in Car not Working

Front AC not Working But Back Is

Did you know what was wrong with your van? I own a 2001 town and country and my van is doing the same thing. I have to jump my battery almost every day. They told me to go to the dealer after I took it to a garage that couldn’t figure it out. It would be great if I could save money on the diagnostic test. When the front blower goes off, the AC and rear fan are on and the outside temperature is above 90 degrees. There were no problems. When the car was brand new, the AC control head was replaced. The dealer couldn’t diagnose the problem.

Front Vents not Blowing Air

My daughters van was repaired and it saved her $1300. They replaced the compressor and still have warm air. The code required pulling the dash to replace the air/mixer actuator after she returned it to the dealer. The driver lower dash panel and sub-panels are easy to see from the road. The setting allowed me to see the movement. The plastic cam was broken and the heater core door actuator was working.

The broken plastic cam was anchored by 2 screws. I used a perminate marker to trace the outside of the sheet of aluminum and then covered the gear hold with masking tape so the JB Weld wouldn’t get into the splines. tin sheers were used to cut around the tracing. I drilled two holes in the broken half piece and one in the cavity. I used a 4-minute Weld with an extra harder to hold both halves together.

After it setup, it was dressed with a file and sandpaper and checked for clearance in the male spline on the shaft. The actuator was re-installed. The doors were operated perfectly to stop the hot air from entering the air conditioner duct. My daughter was going to get ripped off. You don’t have to remove the dash. After removing the panels, I disconnected the battery for Air Bag Safety. Everything was replaced and good to go.

AC does not Blow Out from Vents in the Front

AC does not Blow Out from Vents in the Front

The AC on my 2002 Dodge Durango didn’t work when I bought it. When I searched on the internet, I was told to check the Resistor, but it wasn’t even installed. The rear AC works fine, but the front doesn’t, and there is no air blowing from the front vents. Even though the rear AC was on, the blower didn’t feel like it was working when I put my hand on it. Is there a separate blower motor for the front and rear AC blowers?

I don’t know why the front won’t blow air from the vents. Any help would be appreciated. If you have cold air in the rear and part of the front, that seems to rule out a problem with the AC cooling system. The airflow control is most likely to be a problem. If you took it in and it needed a single flap to be replaced, you’d walk out with a new evaporator and a lot of money. I think you should continue with your diagnosis. I would get a service manual. I would guess it’s not the motor/actuator, but the door itself, or linkage, binding, which may not be as successful if the binding surfaces are out of direct shot. Motor failures are common. In my shop, I’ve seen several of them. The issue has been solved if they remove them, clean them up a bit and use white grease. The motor should be replaced if that doesn’t work.

I have never seen a problem with the door itself. It is not a common issue on these. It could be as simple as the blend door is stuck or the gears are stripped. When you change the temperature, the door will move and the air will be directed over the evaporator to cool the air. When this fails, the air is not directed over the evaporator so it is only passing over the heater core which warms the air, and then it comes into the cabin. When you raised the temp or lowered it, the actuator would grab the gear and it would start working. It is most likely that the gears are stripped and the door is no longer moving. Your vehicle appears to have a separate rear system that works.

There is a chance that the temp sensor is reading wrong, but based on what you said, the actuator makes more sense. We need to hook a tool to the computer to see what the temp sensors are telling us. This stays blowing hot even when you are not using the auto setting. The temperature sensors are used to control heat/cool in the auto setting.

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