Where is Strawberry California?

In California, there are three towns named Strawberry, one in El Dorado County, and one in Marin County. Pinecrest Lake is surrounded by granite outcroppings and was once a meadow. The area was called Strawberry Flat because of the wild strawberries that grew there. There are white fir, cedar, and sugar pine trees near the campground.

Things to do in Strawberry, California

One of the main attractions is the South Fork of the Stanislaus River which runs through Strawberry and provides a lively trout stream. The trail goes all the way to Fraser Flat. The Strawberry Inn and the Strawberry Store are some of the key businesses in the area.

There are rooms for rent at the Strawberry Inn. It was established in 1939. The Strawberry Inn has an excellent collection of paintings, sculptures, and woodcarvings, as well as a stone fireplace.

Two hikes start in Strawberry. There is a short trip up the side of the river to the Pinecrest Dam. The hike starts in the parking lot next to the store. Between the store and the river is Herring Road. It turns into a dirt road after a short time. Follow the orange flames on the trees. The route is always close to the river. The trail leads to the Pinecrest Lake dam. You could take a hike around the lake from there.

Pictures of Strawberry California

we tried to find the best Strawberry California photos. This beautiful village has great photos. The weather in this village is cold despite being in California. Unfortunately, the California fires of this summer of 2021 were about to reach this village as well.

Pictures of Strawberry California
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